The company undertakes worldwide solicitation of its performers to clubs, concerts and festivals throughout the world.

We concentrate on targeted solicitation and build our performers work into clusters around anchor dates. When new albums are available joint promotion is carefully organised to make the most of all media opportunities and book extensive tours. Where performers have a need and we have interest in a new territory we initiate “cold” contacts and build dates until sufficient recognition is developed to appoint a local agent.

Interested clients are helped to a contract exchange by a full disclosure of costs and our performers requirements. Every performer has their own specialist needs both technical and travel related. We make sure the promoters are prepared and fully aware of our performers’ needs.

Promoters are risking their money on our performers and we acknowledge that they need assistance with marketing tools. To provide up to date tools is essential and so artwork, photos, leaflets, posters and web exposure is provided. Wherever possible, a national and PR campaign is put in place.

Forty years of experience…… means our performers are buying into a developed network of personal relationships. Mintaka looks after its relationships and always strives to build in the long term.

Our roster of performers is small which helps us concentrate our attention on our acts. The company has always maintained an intense focus on few acts.

We initiate promoter relationships in all markets, but when we need to, because there is sufficient demand for a performer in a specific territory, we draw on the extra facilities of sub-agents. These companies have become long term friends in the business who perform sub agency for Mintaka in France, Italy, Spain, India and Turkey.

The company has a long history of starting special projects by introducing new artists to our own roster of performers thereby creating a new offering that is often attractive to our festival clients.
Corporate Events are also negotiated.