SONA JOBARTEH – A teaser of a Special EVENT

May 4, 2021

SONA JOBARTEH A Continuing Story

This documentary charts the life and career so far of Sona Jobarteh,
educational pioneer, dedicated humanitarian, and the first female member
of a Griot family to play the traditional West African kora.

Sona’s rise to the global attention of music-lovers and politicians alike has
been inspired by her single-minded approach to achieving her goal – to
bring education, self-respect, awareness and understanding of Gambian
tradition, music and culture to the young people of her home country.

Now dividing her time between London, her ever expanding academy
in The Gambia and the music venues and festivals of the world, Sona’s
journey is told in her own words and those who know her the best,
including her band members, music journalists and her family.

Her music is uniquely poised between the preservation of her rich cultural
heritage and an accessible, modern style that relates to the current era
and to audiences from all over the world.