In 2004 the Company started a boutique label, manufacturing its performers recorded work for distribution in store via selected distributors in UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, India, Poland, Turkey and Scandinavia operating on a profit share basis with its performers.

To overcome the current difficulties of releasing recordings into the retail market, Mintaka has set up arrangements with the following –

  • UK, Ireland – ProperNote
  • France – Harmonia Mundi/MDC
  • Benelux – Challenge
  • Germany/Austria/Switzerland – Challenge
  • Italy – Family Affair
  • Poland – Gigi
  • Turkey – Equinox
  • Scandinavia – Border
  • India – Times of India
  • Japan – Tambourine

Other territories can be added as needs arise. Our ethos is to provide a service with a 50% income share to our performers after recoup of costs incurred.

Performers are invited to share in the investment required to launch the record. Investors also share in profits.