Executive Production

Since 1972 we have been executive producers on many of our performers’ records. We organise recording agreements, negotiate producers and recording facility arrangements as well as hiring suitable guests. All of this is shaped together with the artist to ensure that the finished recording will appeal to current media interest.

Assisting the artists to be able to demonstrate their finest musical qualities and fulfil their visions has to be balanced with a practical attitude towards finance and providing the media with a story to write about. We have been successful with a number of projects and often linked our performers’ careers with those of other artists to create a fascinating melange.

We provide a service that includes:

  • administrative – planning, studio booking
  • financial – budgeting, budget monitoring and adjustment and accounting
  • contractual – side-man hiring and label clearance, producer appointment, producer agreements, label agreements
  • publishing – composer registrations and clearances
  • marketing – directing the look and feel of imaging for sleeves and campaigns and PR service acquisition

Where funds are limited many of these functions are taken up in-house.