• Herbie Hancock:A-may-zing! Now, TIGRAN, you are my teacher
  • Chick Corea:A mature and great and rich and deep artist
  • The Guardian:  “Where so much contemporary jazz can be a dreary display of muscle memory, TIGRAN has found a way to keep improvisation fresh and lyrical
  • Later with Jools: “Brilliant musician

In talking about Armenian-born pianist TIGRAN one could do worse than begin with he “really does turn it up to 11”, this from The Guardian’s review of his recent London Jazz Fest show. He turned it up and kept it going, surprising many who perhaps thought they were in for a more typical night of jazz. Because jazz isn’t only what TIGRAN does; it’s only one arrow in his quiver. Born and raised in GYUMRI, the Armenian town devastated by an earthquake in 1988, the 26-year-old began by listening to his father’s rock records, which explains how his classical training developed into the polymorphous sonic landscape which today is fascinating fans and fellow musicians the world over. Hence BBC DJ Gilles Peterson exclaiming, “There comes a time every now and then, when someone comes along and blows your mind and does things with music that you’ve never heard before… thank you TIGRAN!

There’s really no other way to describe what TIGRAN does. The family moved to LA when he was 16, and instead of leaving his roots behind, he brought them with him. As he says, “the language I try to use when I’m improvising is not bebop but Armenian folk music.” His virtuosity on the keyboard is enhanced by the use of effects along with his unique vocalizing which ranges from tabla talking to chants. His 2011 album, A Fable, which won a French Grammy award, reveals his intricate and deeply lyrical approach to the piano; his latest Shadow Theater, featuring his full band, flips the record over in mixing folk with jazz & electronica, culminating in what the Guardian calls a “dance floor vibe“. For the listener it’s a trip from the quietly reflective to simply wanting to get up and dance. TIGRAN’s moods are many and varied, and command attention, so check him out!

Other well known musicians are already raving about this amazingly talented young artist whose appearances cover such a wide musical landscape, be it more Spiritual, more Jazz or more Electronica dependent on the particular grouping he forms for each series of events.

  • Trilok GurtuHe plays piano like a raga, the next Keith Jarrett!”
  • Brad MehldauTIGRAN really grabbed me, in this really cool way
  • TIGRAN stands out for his burning intensity” – The Daily Telegraph
  • His touch is sublime” – Downbeat

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